All Around India by Train

20110310-013208 March 10, 2011

GCIRC Day 16: The Finale.

I had held off on making the decision to get off in Goa, rather than eight hours

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20110310-010635 March 10, 2011

GCIRC Day 15: Kanniyakumari – Headed to the beach

We woke up at 4AM. To my surprise, I was not at all hung over, and managed the

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20110310-021902 March 7, 2011

CGIRC Day 14: Rameswaram, elephants in Hindu temples and getting...

Writing this on the Bangalore Express (Started it there, anyhow). Thing in Chennai

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20110306-113918 March 4, 2011

GCIRC Day 13: Chennai is barely worth mentioning?

The title of this is misleading. The fourth largest city in India is certainly

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20110304-045231 March 3, 2011

GCIRC Day 12: Kolkata, and the art of passive travel

Writing this on the Coromandal Express, a 26 hour ride from Howrah to Chennai. We

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20110303-115818 March 2, 2011

GCIRC Days 9-11: Darjeeling – Welcome to Gorkhaland

We have reached the half way point of our little jaunt around India, and with two

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20110302-093512 February 26, 2011

Gcirc Day 8: I hate Assam. I love Assam.

Writing this on the Rajdhani Express again, this time on my way out of Assam, headed

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20110228-112309 February 25, 2011

GCIRC Day 7 – I love this train

Writing this on the New Delhi – Dibrugarh Rajdhani, or The Rajdhani Express-

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20110223-010049 February 24, 2011

GCIRC Day 6 – New Delhi: not so scary after...

Writing this on the New Delhi – Dibrugarh Rajdhani, a nearly 40 hour train

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20110223-102518 February 23, 2011

GCIRC Day 5 – Udhampur: computing, party crashing, getting thrown...

Writing this on the Uttar Sampark Kranti. UHP – New Delhi. Yeah, that’s

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