The Challenge

20140709-134613-49573260.jpg July 11, 2014

On Making Exercise A Priority

Here`s an odd confession: Though I have worked for 16 or so years as a commercial

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20140709-102602-37562743.jpg July 9, 2014

The Actual Point Of This Trip

We are two weeks or so into a trip that we havenĀ“t technically reached the starting

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Pamplona-SanSebastian_Bike-4 June 22, 2014

Babies, Bikes and Breakdowns

It felt like we were never getting out of Pamplona. More than once during our week

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family-does-not-know-what-its-in-for June 12, 2014

The First 24 Kilometers

I’m a big fan of the movie Gattaca. It’s about a guy who is just a

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earcleaning4_sm April 4, 2011

Nothing new under the Rishikesh sun.

A confession: While I keep a blog going (albeit poorly) I don’t read that many

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SONY DSC December 30, 2010

Starting the new year in silence

UPDATE: The retreat was fantastic! To read the first part of my thoughts on it, head

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