There was a time I had the groove of stopping to observe my surroundings, grabbing photos with my (at that time) iPhone 4 and sharing them. Instagram was my favorite place to share stuff, we were always on the move and sharing photos from where we traveled was totally fun.

Somewhere along the way, I just stopped. I took forever to upgrade the phone, I spent too long in Mexico, nothing felt fresh. By not sharing moments, I lost the ability to look for them.

It’s been a weird struggle, but I’ve been gradually getting back in the swing of things. I just finished a week in Quincy, CA where I put on a free screening, set up by our friend Tiffiney and hosted by The West End Theater. I mostly worked while I was there, but when I got to explore, I took advantage of the views. Even simple things started to jump out as worth looking at.

I got the chance to do my first radio interview, that was low key and fun to do.

We also got a write up in the local paper, which is even more cool.

AND maybe the most fun was seeing a poster hanging in the theater window.

I’m going to brag now, so if that might bother you, just move along and consider this the end of the post. Thanks for reading! you’re awesome!


So if you stuck around, here goes;

A woman approached me after last night’s Q&A. She told me she was 60 years old and that this is the closest thing to a “life changing moment”. She asked if it was safe and okay for a woman to travel solo around the world. I told her it was fine, that she only had to google “Solo female traveler” to find advocates for women traveling on their own around the world.

She thanked me for sharing the film. She didn’t know me before that night. Just a stranger who, it would seem, is going to start planning a new chapter in her life after watching The Wireless Generation.

That was the best compliment I’ve received so far. Better than anything else, no question. Ultimately, that’s the point of the film. That reaction was my goal. I’m happy I was able to achieve it, even if it’s just with this one person.