This is what I’m good at. I seem to thrive if I’m making myself mildly suffer. After giving up on my initial plan to buy a motorcycle to road trip the tour (Probably for the best) I hopped on a 23 hour Greyhound bus ride from Seattle to San Francisco.




There is something inherently comfortable for me in this space. Something about that release of control, knowing, no matter what, this sh*t is going to take a long freaking time, that puts me back in the same exciting space I was in when I took the train around India, or when I did the Tough Guy race before Cole was born.




You may notice both trips I referenced were done without Christine or the family in tow. There’s a special sort of “by-the-seat-of-my-pants” thrill that happens when I travel alone that I don’t experience when I travel with my family. With the family I feel this need to fret over every single thing everyone is doing, not to mention it means carrying more things. For me now, it’s one big backpack and that’s it.

Easy breezy. I feel weird saying that I get a kick out of this stuff, I think literally no one that I know would actually enjoy a day on a bus.





So now it’s SAN FRANCISCO PEOPLE! I’m here, and the temperature is perfect, the neighbourhoods are full of crazy people and interesting things to see. Tomorrow, the second screening goes down at the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, and we still have some tickets available! If you are in the area or know someone around San Francisco who wants to check out the film, let them know.