I’m an emotional wreck whenever I’m doing anything the first time.

On Thursday night, The Wireless Generation premiered in Seattle. I was a mess most of the day. With more than enough time to spare, I left my friend’s apartment and headed to Capitol Hill, where the Northwest Film Forum would show the film. The whole of years of work distilled into one USB stick. I called it my “Boom Stick” to give me a little extra confidence.

It worked a little.



Here is where the process gets surreal for me. I just go to movies, you know? I arrive at a theater, I pick a seat, the movie plays. The end. No one brings a film to a theater, hands it to someone who works there, checks to see if it looks and sounds okay. That process doesn’t exist in my moviegoing experience.




But I did that. I got to see the process for a small film. It’s sort of unremarkable, really. The other theater was playing a 35mm film. That, to me, felt remarkable, sophisticated. I felt, like I tend to feel most days, like I’m flying by the seat of my pants.

Then people started to arrive. Many I knew in person, some for nearly two decades. And from different eras of my life. Some from my first full time professional job, one from my last job. Travel bloggers like my wife. Others I met online originally due to similar interests, a guy I met in the Seattle hostel I stayed in while getting a van to head to Mexico before my daughter was born.

Many of them either knew Christine personally or were readers of her blog, people who had built a relationship with Christine that I was not aware of, maybe they had some ideas about who I am, and I have no idea what that means, if anything.

But with each person from my life who walked in the door, I felt more and more comfortable. Their familiarity made the environment feel familiar, even though it was not at all the case for me. I was really grateful that so many people I care about came out to support me and the film, it buoyed me through this first film screening.


And it went extremely well! I mean, it’s that or an entire theater of people decided to be dishonest with me.


In seriousness, now that the first of these is out of the way, I feel really confident going forward. Like this tour is a thing, that it’s happening and fully possible. This was my first time seeing the film on a big screen, the same as everyone else. I was thrilled.