So, this is happening. *deep breath*

In 2010 Christine and I got an idea in our heads we wanted to make a documentary about people who worked at a career while they traveled, the way we had been for two years at that point. We raised some money for equipment, took our four month old son and started traveling around the world, looking for subjects to interview about how they lived their lives once they were able to get away from the cubicle.

We liked what we had, and we wanted to show it to people in a big way, so we raised some more money to finish the film and get it out to everyone via a fun film tour.

This film tour. I’ll be going that goes all over the country, and it starts in two days in Seattle!


And you know, I *like* the film, which is impressive coming from someone who has had to watch it fifty million times. And I’m excited to get to meet with any of you who want to come out to see it.

And I’m petrified. I’ve been working at it for so long now that I am not sure I look at it objectively anymore. The monumental amount of work it took over the years for two people to see this through to completion, the hard decisions to cut what didn’t work. I’ve taken weeks off from watching it myself, and when I pop it back on, my reaction is always “Huh, I still like it!”


Photo via FoggOdyssey

I’ll be the one touring the film, while Christine plays single-parent for three full months in Turkey. I’m trying not to think to hard about that extended period of time. Most of the time, I’m successful.

People have been waiting for this film for a long time, and now many of you will get a chance to see it. If you want to come see a screening in one of the cities, you can find ticket information here. 

Once the tour is finished, the digital download will be made available to the public on June 1st. If you can’t come see the film at one of the screenings but still want to see the film at your leisure, you can pre-order the digital download or DVD here.


I’ll be blogging and instagramming a storm here, using the #workanywhere hashtag. If you want to follow along you can subscribe to this blog (over on the sidebar) or catch us over on The Wireless Generation Facebook page, where we are also showing off where people are working in exotic or fun places around the world.

I’m excited guys. Scared, but super excited. Come out and see the film with me!