Nothing. I learned nothing.

Sorry, I just needed to skip to the part you may have been wondering about. I thought maybe the break would lead to some proper revelations about life, but a hastily planned week apart, which began the day before Christmas, turned out to not be a sufficient amount of time to come to any life altering “eureka” moments.

You are probably thinking “Well of course you dummy, a week isn’t enough time to do much of anything. If AJ Jacobs had spent a week living biblically it would have been the most boring book ever.” And that is true. I really wasn’t expecting much from this experiment. It’s just that Facebook has been getting boring and contentious for awhile now. Most of that problem is my own fault. I like an argument on the internet a little too much, and with Facebook’s programming, the more you interact with people, the more you see them. This means that the people I argue with are the people I see in my feed more often than the lovely people I don’t argue with who Facebook thinks I don’t like enough to interact with.

Do you see how this is a problem?

That time spent on Facebook was re-allocated in different ways. has a facelift (I hope you like it). I spent a little time trying to make twitter an enjoyable place. It didn’t work – using twitter is, and always has been a place to shout into the abyss. There are a couple of human beings on there I enjoy talking to hashtag-free, but it’s not an easy place to enjoy.

I peeked over at Pinterest, who seem to have worked out an algorithm that has them finding things especially for me that I will like that is ALMOST ALWAYS AWESOME. I still need to thin out the boards that I follow so that feed is enjoyable, but I do want to spend more time there.

And you know, the kids. Those kids of ours. I’m sure they appreciated the extra minutes of the day to soak in the glow of fatherly attention or whatevs.

So upon finishing this post, I am heading back to Facebook, where I plan to return to the days of old, where I wished everyone a happy birthday and didn’t always bring out the brass knuckles for every disagreement.