The title is a little misleading. We’ll road trip for other things as well, like choosing a place to have a baby, or you know, probably less heavy sorts of reasons.

We needed to expedite Stella’s Mexican, as well as American citizenship (and passport) so we can continue to live this wild and free traveling lifestyle we’ve worked very hard to establish. I try not to spend time reflecting on the last year being one in which Stella was in a sort of limbo. She had neither Mexican nor American paperwork, existing as some sort of phantom baby, from a legal standpoint.


Anyway, we waited too long, and there were a bunch of hassles that came from dragging our feet, but as soon as we got the official paperwork for the little bruiser’s Mexican citizenship, we headed to Mexico City where we could get her American documents sorted out. We made a trip of it, spending three days in DF (Distrito Federal, Mexico City) with a couple of days travel to and from.


When we crossed into Michoacan, the sunset was too nice not to stop. Christine let Cole take her awesome camera, so I snapped a few from mine.


This is what a far less impressive camera looks like. Not a terrible photo for a 4 year old.


Our first night was spent in Morelia. Noteworthy for what I believed to be a boutique art theater next to our Hotel. I was tired. It was not a boutique hotel, I discovered the next morning, it was a porn theater.

I don’t have pictures. Sorry.


I was uncertain how I would like Mexico City (The one photo above is a poor representation of the city as a whole, which is unbelievably diverse. I just really loved this display). A few people I have known loathe the city, but many absolutely love it.

I loved it. It reminded me very much of Madrid, and while I didn’t see nearly all there was to see in three days there, I felt like in another life we could have lived there for some small amount of time.


On the way home we popped into Guanajuato for a meal I think I am still paying for. The town is unbelievably charming, but unforgiving to those driving in with their own cars. I’m glad we stopped there but was happy to not have to pay a ton to keep the van parked safely for the night.


We headed to San Miguel, where Christine discovered El Pato, an art supply place that had some of the tools I wanted to get to really start drawing for reals. This is about a block from the shop, and below, the VW bug that I am positive belongs to the proprietor of the shop.



San Miguel is also lovely, and more forgiving to drivers coming in and out, which is possibly why I felt like I ran into a disproportionately large amount of white people. It’s popular with the caucasians, I would later learn.


After this, we sat Stella down to have a talk about her immortal soul and Jesus and hellfire and all that. I think she got the message.