I heard somewhere that it takes 90 days to form a habit. I couldn’t remember where I heard this, so I searched for it. Turns out there are a lot of opinions on how long it takes to form a habit (or break one). 90 days didn’t even make the list, so it must have been a fever dream I had after watching True Detective or something.

It turns out most of these sites say it takes less time than I thought, so naturally I’m going for overkill to really break the bad habit I have of going more than a day without drawing at all. Christine pointed me to the site Giveit100.com, where users pick something, anything to do over the course of 100 days, and upload 10 second videos tracking their progress.

So because I need yet another kick in the pants, I’m on board. Today is day 4, and you can follow my progress here.




It’s rocky going. I’m purposefully avoiding making slick, commercial looking stuff, and thus far my drawing time tops out at 20 minutes. No under-drawing, just ink directly on paper. This week I’ll be heading to Puerto Vallarta in search of a brush pen and some watercolor paper to broaden what I can do a bit. It’s freeing and fun so far, even if the results are a little rough.

The idea for the site came from one woman teaching herself to dance in 1 year. This is how far you can go putting effort in every day at something, even if you start off as a newb.

Click here if you aren’t able to see the video.

In my case, I’m not trying to learn anything new. Just trying to maintain my discipline and grow as much as I can. I think the experiment is worthwhile for anyone wanting a kick towards something they are having trouble working towards, but it’s a qualified thumbs up. I’ll check in occasionally to show how I’m doing, with no expectations of myself other than to show up daily and do the work.

What would you do if you gave yourself 100 days to learn something new?