I have a trauma in my childhood that I don’t tell a lot of people about. My reason for keeping this private is because it is the very dumbest, most silly white-whine level thing to be traumatized over.

It is my silly shame. Long story short, Chewbacca’s fur is basically perfect camouflage against a sea of orange pine needles on a forest floor.

Goodbye Chewbacca.

So when I bought Cole an Obi-Wan figure and a random bounce off the counter made his lightsaber disappear into thin air, I tried very hard to not show the panic in my face as I wondered WHERE IN GOD’S NAME DID THAT SWORD GO.

Cole took it far better than I did. I could not find that damned lightsaber anywhere. A Jedi is pretty much useless without their weapon.

So I decided to make one.

I took a kebab skewer and trimmed it to the approximate length of Anakin’s lightsaber, with a little extra length just in case. For reference, I then scored where the handle and the blade meet.

I whittled it down until it was close enough for a fitting.


After a bit more shaping, I used a combination of permanent blue marker and white water color paint for the blade and handle (with a tiny amount of black crayon to “grey” the handle).

Once that was dry, I used a micron pen and red marker for the last details.


Is it great? I’m positive I could have spent more time on it to really get it awesome but I’m surprisingly happy with how it turned out considering the quick turnaround. When Cole plays with the new addition it’s barely noticeable.