Christine rolled up to the homestead with our friend Pam around 6:30AM on Saturday. They were road-weary and had been up for about 23 hours, but Christine was so happy to see her babies that other than a short nap, she treated the day like a normal one, which is a pretty herculean task, as I was a zombie by 9.

The thing I found I missed most during Christine’s trip was simply hearing adults talking, especially in my native tongue. I wasn’t even in need of someone to talk to myself, it was great just hearing them talk to each other from another room, sometimes even preferable to having to make adult conversation with anyone after two weeks of toddler negotiations.

When Christine and I are both in the house, I occasionally indulge in putting headphones in at least one ear so I could listen to podcasts while doing housework. On nearly all shopping errands I would also do this. It was nice to just hear people talking about silly things that adults talk about. Movies, politics, topical issues of the day, I am not a huge snob about it, drawn more to a person’s ability to keep a conversation going than what it is that they are even covering.

During this trip I needed both ears on call to pick up any distress beacons from the littles, so when I say how unbelievably relaxing it was to be sent off to get groceries with no kids in tow, know that the best part of that was being able to put my headphones on fully and be a fly on the wall while Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell went on and on about whatever silly thing they were talking about on that day’s podcast.

The second nicest thing about Christine’s return was that she came bearing gifts. Cole is thoroughly freaked out by his own mask, and I am floored that he actually kept it on long enough for me to get this picture of him. Stella was not freaked out at all, she simply didn’t care to leave it on, though she had no solid plan for removing it.



We are thrilled to have momma back, and I can’t wait for her to share the crazy stories she has about her time driving through Chiapas. When she told me what they did at one major hurdle, I was REALLY glad she was home safe and sound.