Christine did a great job of outfitting us with food before leaving, but one week in, we were out of pizzas, juice and chocolate milk. That wasn’t going to fly with the Jedi padawan, so I had to leave the nest for the first time in a week and haul the children about 400 meters to the Farmacia Guadulajara, the nearest place to get some basics that the tiendas down the street don’t have. Bread, milk, eggs, these things are a quick jaunt down the street that I don’t even need to have Cole wear shoes for, but if I am walking a kilometer in total, it requires full clothing and an early departure, as I don’t want any of us out when it’s too hot in the middle of the day.

Here’s the part where I mention that when Christine and Pam were an hour and a half out on their trip, they called to let me know that they had the keys to the house and the gate padlock. That’s a problem. I was able to dig up a spare house key easily enough but could not find a single key for the TWO padlocks we have for our gate. For the first two nights of the trip, I placed a beer can on the ground next to the gate so I would be woken up to any crazy metal scratching that would happen if the gate were opened.

The solution was found on day 3. Bike lock.


Not a perfect solution, but it’s not bad. There’s no real way to squeeze in using this, I just look like a dummy who doesn’t know what he is doing.

We headed out at 9AM after much negotiating with the kid who doesn’t like to wear clothing (I’ll cover the negotiation in tomorrow’s post)



This is what the view would be if you were drag racing Stella and she was narrowly beating you.


I am going to miss this neighborhood.

No photos of the shopping spree, I was too busy trying to get my kids across a highway without anyone dying, and then toddler wrangling in a store.

On the way back, Cole art directed the photos for the rest of the walk. As art directors go, I’ve worked for worse.


“Those things!”




“That right there.”

“The road?”




Flush with pizzas, juice and chocolate milk (and a couple of toys), we made it home, safe and sound.