It takes me two weeks to fully adjust to new change. Ask Christine, she’ll tell you. We took a two week vacation in Hawaii before Cole was born, and I was a nightmare for the first week – things went completely great during week two, after I chilled the hell out.

We’re more than halfway through Christine’s road trip, and things have leveled off, any kinks are now worked out and everybody seems happy on this side of Mexico. Part of the reason for this is because when I posted my one-armed parenting post, the very first person on Facebook that commented offered the most sensible advice.

“Time for a sling!”

Well yes, of course. I should know this. I can hear Christine’s voice in my head responding similarly as I complain to no one in particular about my situation.

So fine then. Are you happy now? I’m happy. Stella’s pretty happy. I should have done this sooner.