I knew this day was coming, I just always felt like it would be… “tomorrow”. You know, the sort of tomorrow that never comes because today is today, and tomorrow is, well, right. Anyway, she’s gone.

The writing has been on the wall for awhile now. I mean, technically it’s been on the fridge, but whatever.


I don’t know what I did to deserve such a thing, other than the time I did a silent meditation retreat while Christine looked after Cole, or this other time I took a train all the way around India while Christine looked after Cole. Or maybe it was this other other time I left to go get a car in the states while Christine looked after Cole, pregnant, then took him on a flight back to the states that included a 4 hour layover in freezing Shanghai. Did I mention she was pregnant with Stella at the time?

It must have been one of those things. I may never know.

Kidding aside, this year in Mexico has taught us a lot about ourselves, and while I have been able to find routine and grow and blah blah blah, Christine has made sacrifices – the biggest being our least amount of travel in the last five years or so. She has been ITCHING to get out, and deserves to. I have taken the kids once before when Christine went to San Francisco to run a blogging workshop, and this trip will be even easier. I predict a lot of cleaning, a lot of Star Wars, and a lot of selfies taken by a grown-ass adult man.


One of Christine’ Instagram followers asked if I was going to “get any help” while she was gone. I suppose I will be dealing with those weird sorts of questions quite a bit going forward. I’m ready, it’s just a thing.