Here is the last batch of iPhone photos you will see from me for a good while as I move on with my new camera going forward.

Even being a stay at home dad, there is always so much to do. I’m a guy who tends to bull-headedly charge forward with a “queue” of tasks that are, at best, half-planned and at worst, panicked choices I made on my own without checking in to see if what I am doing is what is actually needed.

Being present can be extremely challenging.

Thankfully, for good and bad, if Cole wants to play, he will let me know. Repeatedly. And patiently, he will ask, and ask and ask until it is addressed. If I let it get to a point where he’s asked three times or more for something, in my mind, it’s no longer a human being asking for something, it’s my subconscious brain COMPELLING ME into action.

I’ll be talking to Christine and just start to slowly sidestep out of the room, not even realizing it’s because an ethereal voice from another part of the house is repeating “come play!” It’s just that I. Must. Play.