darth-Maul_iPhoneIt feels strange returning to things I used to be nerdy about now that Cole is in a place where he can enjoy them. Some people grow away from these sorts of things, but in my case, most of the things I loved destroyed themselves before my eyes, leaving me unable to enjoy them. There are lots of examples of this in my life (don’t get me started on LOST), but Star Wars was a sad one.

My friend Chris and I made a special trip from Connecticut down to Philadelphia (where we had both gone to school) to see The Phantom Menace. I wanted to see the return of Star Wars in the same place I had witnessed an entire theater jump up screaming when Will Smith punched out an alien in Independence Day.

I left the theater charged up, but over the next several hours of driving back to CT, we rehashed the movie, excitedly at first, but by the time we got home, realized “That wasn’t actually a very good movie.”

Over the next years I would diligently attend each prequel. I imagine at the time I was hopeful, but I would only watch each movie once. While there were perfectly wonderful elements within each movie (Darth Maul was amazing for the entire 15 minutes he was alive, Yoda fighting, General Greivious, basically anything with light sabers) it was like diamonds in a sea of the most tedious crap a person could wade through.

Fast forward a decade, and my son can’t get enough of it all. Thankfully he’s not even that into the films, because ten years later, the first two prequels are basically unwatchable. And because he’s into it, I am also stupidly into it, thanks to having over 40 hours of The Clone Wars series for him to watch. The people who make this show clearly love this world intensely. Lucas was a great world building with amazing ideas and horrifically bad execution, and it’s nice to see his creations doing more interesting things.


It’s also nice to know that Darth Maul didn’t die. He’s Cole’s favorite, and just about my favorite as well.