So my poor, put-upon wife made the hard decision to downgrade her DSLR late last year. Her Canon 5D Mark III was pretty much the perfect camera, so long as you aren’t toting young children along while taking photos. That wondrous machine was incredibly heavy, especially with the large 24-70 mm lens she preferred to use. Just as risky as injury to a child, it would have been agony to have a child damage that pricey piece of equipment. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we would love that child a little less, because well, you know. That’s just not a nice thing to say…

She waited until this week for the opportunity to move to a mirrorless camera that hadn’t been released at the time the Mark III was sold. By waiting to get the Sony Alpha 7, she got an unbelievably sexy, light, full frame camera that takes incredibly nice photos straight out of the box.

When I started playing around with it, I was psyched for her, but also realized that I was also feeling creatively behind the curve. I used to be all over Instagram, sharing a ton of our lives and travels pretty much daily, but I’ve grown away from it. I realized after seeing this nice camera at work how poor my aging iPhone 4 has become.

I honestly don’t know if the camera on that phone is degrading or if I am just watching all of the people I follow advance to much more crisp, higher quality work. Either way I haven’t had much of the burning obsession with my phone that I once had. Every iteration of the iPhone that has followed is something neither Christine or I have been excited about. We keep insisting on waiting for whatever the iPhone 6 will be. Still, we both recognized today that I need something to keep my interest up.



With a small budget in mind, we took off as a family to Sam’s Club, because duh, where else would we go in Mexico to get a consumer grade camera? I mean, other than Costco. Or Walmart?

Cole fell asleep in the car ride, which meant Christine had license to decide what I would be using for casual photos and video in the near future. She came out with the Nikon Coolpix S6500.


I feel like I shouldn’t be as psyched as I am about this, but after months of wondering how to get over the hazy iPhone camera I was working with, this is making me very happy. I am certain there are better point-and-shoot cameras out there, but I view it the way I might view a GoPro – it’s meant for easy, immediate access, and this will function very nicely for me for the time being.




I’ll be honest, the biggest reason I felt less snobby about getting a point-and-shoot camera is because I discovered my favorite filmmaker’s favorite camera to use is a Canon S120, which I admit is better than this Nikon, but it makes me wonder what I might be able to pull off with this.

Hopefully I will surprise myself.