I am reasonably sure that in the Garden of Eden, Eve didn’t bite into an apple. The “forbidden fruit” had to be a righteous waterslide.

“Hey Adam! You have to come with me RIGHT NOW there’s this amazing tube with water running through it that is SO FREAKING FUN COME ON ALREADY!”

“Uh, okay?”

“Yeah, and we’re going to have to get something to cover your bits up.”

“What? Why?”

“Because there’s a dress code! Come on!”

And from then on, it was all waterslides and sibling rivalry. They could not go back from knowing all that amazing water slidey fun was out there to be had.

Cole is at an amazing age that fills us with incredible joy. It seems like every few days he levels up, gains some new awareness or ability or skill. He’s not going to Xavier’s School for Gifted Children or anything (Geek humor anyone? Hollaaa!), but the world is clearly amazing to him, and it’s wonderful to see him becoming aware of seemingly everything going on around him. Being with him all the time at this stage of his life, where he shows he understands what is happening around him more every day, I am like, 95% incredibly appreciative for.

The other 5% is a pain in the ass. Or back, depending on what is going on. The pain started when he discovered stairs. He loves them. So, so much. In Rishikesh, where we were up until a couple of days ago, this meant going up and down rooftop restaurant stairs endlessly. I am a good dad, I help accommodate this sense of wonder by holding his hands as he walks up, and he walks down, avoiding the ever constant attention from the locals who want photos or to pinch his cheeks. My back doesn’t feel awesome after much time spent doing this.

I decide after the fifth dinner walking up and down stairs that we must must must eat at the Ganga Freedom Cafe, where we usually ate breakfast, and where there are no more than two stairs to be had. When we arrive, I am surprised to be greeted at the entryway by a small blonde kid riding a small toy scooter. Cole is surprised by this as well, but more importantly, he is IN LOVE. And not with the small blonde kid.

It seems the owner of the Cafe brought it in to entertain his daughter. Awesome. For our final days in Rishikesh, I had the choice of going up and down stairs, or pushing Cole around on this thing for as long as it took for our food to be brought out, and then a little more. I had hoped it might be gone, or at least out of sight in subsequent visits, but no dice. And it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, Cole can never un-know this existed, this amazing daddy-push-me-around-machine.

He ate from the tree of knowledge, and sampled that forbidden righteous waterslide.