Writing this on the New Delhi – Dibrugarh Rajdhani, or The Rajdhani Express- my favorite train of the trip so far.

As soon as the train pulled out of the station, we were immediately given lunch. Just given, not sold. Veg or non-veg? Then again after the meal was over, veg or non-veg?

Wait… What? Again… You mean dinner?


And between dinner? Snacks. These snacks include *ahem* The Greatest Tasting Cracker I Have Ever Put Into My Appropriate Face-Hole.

After dinner? Ice cream, naturally. There are also bread sticks, tomato soup, and tea on demand. My Delhi Belly diet was working wonders on my waist, but by the end of what has become a 38 hour ride, I will be back to my pudgier self.

This leg of the trip has actually flown by very quickly. It started after 2PM yesterday, and will end around 4AM tomorrow morning. I woke up this morning in Assam, which apparently also means I woke up with no Internet. No one did, in fact, and with no stops longer than an hour today, there hasn’t been a remote possibility of solving it. It seems as though you, dear reader, will be reading this around the time I am in Darjeeling, safely out of the scarily signal-less Assam.

This leg of the trip will take is nearly to Myanmar/Burma. A very long border run, if you will. I fully expected any existing tensions to rise by this point, but everyone seems to be fully settled into this routine and quite comfortable.

Tomorrow brings us to Ledo, in Assam, where westerners are extremely rare, and I regularly wonder if I am still in India.