Writing this on the Ahmedabad Jammu Express, and lots of other places. This writing presages me getting super sick that following night.

Is it possible to be both charmed and bored? That’s where I find myself on this day. I mistakenly thought that our first train, a 19 hour ride up to Dwarka, was our longest trip in the circut. I was wrong though, there are at least two longer rides, and today I was on one of them – a 24 hour slog from Ahmedabad Jn. to Makhu.

Much napping is done on a ride this long, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of being too stationary. The cure for feeling stuffed like a sardine in a can? Get some fresh air.

Time slows a bit when you’re on a long train ride, but there’s something earnest about this mode of transportation, the lifeline of India to millions upon millions of it’s people.

I am enjoying this immensely. Even the dull bits.


5 rupee chai