I expected this day was meant to be a train day, defined by the group getting it’s bearings during a 19 hour train ride. It was this, but it turned into much more once we left the confines of our AC2 sleeper

The day felt a bit like summer camp, some people in the group knew each other well, most of us were very newly acquainted, there was light talk amongst us, but I got the sense we were all holding back, giving ourselves time to get acclimated to this new environment.

We arrived late to Dwarka by about an hour, and as I walked out of the station I saw a multitude of rickshaws. Sadly, I turned to the right and discovered a large tourist bus also waiting for us.


The function of the bus was to ferry us three hours away to a different train station that would whisk us off to Ahmedabad, but not before spending a few hours in Dwarka

I am completely smitten with Dwarka. This is what I expect, what I secretly sort of hoped India would be throughout. There were insane dancing-in-the-street moments punctuating quieter walks through alleys, always attracting attention from friendly and curious locals. There are elements that remind me of Grenada, Nicaragua, even though those places are really almost nothing alike. Something about seeing a beautiful place showing it’s decay while also being proudly itself seems to be the only thread of similarity that I can find, but I’ll take it.

I would love to come back here someday. Dwarka makes me even more excited for the seeing the rest of India.