“You know you’re going to be the one doing all the diaper changes, right?”

She says this to me. To ME. My initial reaction to this statement, as you might expect, was one of defensiveness. Given the nature of what Christine had given up by that point, and would continue to give up once Cole got here, the argument was a weak one, and my defenses were soon broken.

What she probably wasn’t expecting was how awesomely fun I am. How I would make changing time into a highlight of Cole’s day. I didn’t even know I was doing it until Christine finally did change a diaper. She called me in and asked what it was I did in the bathroom during changing time. Why, she asked, was Cole looking at her like the most incredible thing in the world was about to happen.

“Oh, yeah we have a whole thing. I make sounds and sing and stuff.”

“Well now I feel like I’m going to be a dissapointment to him, like I can’t live up to some unrealistic ‘diaper changing’ standard you’ve set.”

“Yeah, well…” I reply, as I quietly back out of the room…

Diaper changing is not hard, dads. Just buck up and do it. Before Cole, this clip used to be hilarious to me: Click here if you cannot see the video.

No longer. The spell is broken, it’s all just a thing now. A thing that I have made into a fun little adventure for Cole, which I think is a good thing.