When Christine and I were planning my itinerary, Bath was towards the end of my trip.  Now, my ADD affliction makes it hard to see pretty much anything through to the end, especially something like planning, something that Christine adores and that I loathe. I would like to think that by the time we reached this point in the planning, I was thinking that the race was only a few days away and I would need a low key days leading up to the Tough Guy. What was probably more accurately going on in my head was “Eh Bath. I’ve heard of Bath, let’s do Bath. ARE WE DONE PLANNING YET?”

What a surprise this town has been! I have to admit, this might be the most charmed I have been by any place yet. I could almost literally point the camera at anything and get a decent photo out of it. (Which is saying something, as I am a perfectly terrible photographer. My creativity does not extend to cameras or camera related equipment). Maybe because I had no expectations going in, or you know, possibly because I took a two hour spa session at the Thermae Bath Spa (The scented steam rooms were fantastic). But really, it is the most consistent town I have been too yet, evenly beautiful pretty much everywhere in the main part of the city, which is small enough to not overwhelm me.

The aesthetic is likely by design. Surely everyone there works quite hard to maintain the look they have going, but what can I say? I am a sucker for whatever it is they have going on in Bath. As a friend said correctly it was “very British.”

As I type this, I am on my way into London/Paddington, where I will meet up with some people I think I only know loosely through a message board I lurk in but don’t do much posting. It could be a quiet night, it could kill my liver, I have no way of knowing, but I think I will not be trying to write about it immediately afterwards regardless, so my “bath in Bath” is what you get for today.

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