I have to guiltily say that I barely scratched the surface of Edinburgh.

To be fair, one day is barely enough to make a dent in this unbelievably pretty town. I had meant to arrive via sleeper car between 6:30 and 7:10AM that morning, but upon discovering the sleeper cars cost 43£, I opted to head back to York the night before and stay at a hostel there instead.

So I arrive in Edinburgh around 10:30 AM. With some recommendations from friends, but no real plan other than to look for The Scotch Whisky Experience and take their tour detailing the history of Whisky (I had always spelled it “whiskey” before now. I am changing that starting now) I headed out.

I found the whisky tour in the first five minutes. Several taste tests later, my body was starting to feel the wear and tear of three days of carrying 30-40 extra pounds on my back all over the country.

Click here if you are unable to see the video.

An aside: It’s an interesting sensation, feeling the type of soreness one usually feels after a good workout merely from walking around and carrying this extra weight. It’s probably very good for the race, as I have done no formal training sessions during this time. My shoulders and different areas of my legs have been worked out well, and I am positive all the calories burned have had an effect on my waistline during this time. Physically, even though I am aching and a bit weary, travel is pretty much agreeing with me. Now back to Edinburgh:

Needing some lunch to soak up the early afternoon surprise liquor session, I walked around looking for a decent lunch place. I passed on the Frankenstein Pub, recommended by my friend Krissy, and opted for Favorit, a nice enough place that also had Wifi, where I uploaded yesterday’s video and had a ham and cheddar panini with french fries. When I stood up, I knew I was done for the day and guiltily headed to Belushi’s Bar (I would be staying in the hostel above).

“It’s Australia night. It should get pretty wild.” Said the blonde bartender who checked me in.


When I walked into the dorm room sometime around 4, there were a couple of young guys napping for who knows long. I realized they were getting some rest in before what would surely be a long and heavy night of drinking, and realized how much older and far removed from that I feel. I never really partied the way these guys were, but I felt old as I climbed into my bed for what was my own nap, brought on by my aching legs and too-early-in-the-day drinking. Their evening hadn’t started yet, my night was essentially done.

Better to get one very decent night’s sleep before a long travel day to Inverness, Glasgow and beyond the next day. I felt like between them and me, I was still getting more out of the trip. I, after all, would remember what happened the next morning.

It’s happening, people! Want to donate? I’ll draw you a portrait for your troubles!