An Noc

These were scrawled in a small notebook piece of paper I was holding in my hand as I attempted to remember specific directions to The Whisky Shop. They were recommendations, written by the cafe owner I had just bought the “Full English Breakfast” from (complete with complimentary coffee) at The Habit Cafe, a small cafe I stumbled into specifically for that breakfast offer. Whisky was the man’s “second passion” he told me. I not only did not find out his first passion, but I did not even get the man’s name.

Bad traveller, BAD!

I woke up as early as I could manage that morning and made for King’s Cross station to York. A lovely and smallish place with a bustling shop area downtown, I was charmed by York, but with next to zero space to hold anything whatsoever, there really wasn’t much shopping to be done. Instead, I made it my mission to find The Whisky Shop, a place I had read about the day before. As mentioned above (And in the video below) I was aided in this by the man who sold me my late breakfast.

Regarding the Full English Breakfast: I like it in theory, but the truth is, in my opinion there are too many disparate flavors on the plate, and I pretty much always leave the experience dissappointed. I think that British food is largely underrated, but at least for me, the standard breakfast is somewhat overrated.

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