I seem to have stumbled onto the greatest Sunday afternoon quiz/karaoke session ever on at the Lambeth Walk Pub.

After following my fantastic wife’s directions* to my first London hostel, I found it, only to find no one answering the door. Not a big deal, sometimes check-in doesn’t open until 3 in many places. I decided to wait out the 45 minutes i had remaining at the pub I had walked by on the way. It was quite busy at 2:15 on a Sunday afternoon, an older clientele, who were about to begin what looked to be a weekly ritual of game show quizzing and karaoke! After a note thanking everyone for flowers and condolences sent for someone’s funeral, (obviously someone close to the group) the quiz began. All answers to the quiz had flower names in the answer, it was announced. After the first multiple choice question was asked, the MC let the group know that if they wanted to sing a song (karaoke) hey were welcome to.

The format was one quiz question, one karaoke tune. While I finished my pint of Fosters, I listened to the MC sing songs that were so well done I assumed they were studio recordings, a so/so version of a BG’s song, and a girl who could not have been more then 6 singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. You see, this pub is apparently a family joint.

I thought I had overpaid for my beer at three pounds, but after experiencing this, I think it was money well spent.

As for the trip out, it was a real slog. St Paul to London was an overnighter, and sleep was rough at best. My feet were already started hurting by the time I got to the hostel, which is not a good thing. I made the decision to not bring a second pair of shoes, hoping to break in these boots over the course of the week to get them ready for the race. It might be folly to put them back on after the race, but they are built in such a way that I suspect they will dry out quickly. I have my feet taped up now, and it has helped tremendously, and no blisters yet. Hopefully this will all end well for me and not in some horrific foot catastrophe.

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*I don’t think it can be overstated that the only reason I felt at all comfortable traveling for ten days here is because she agreed to plan every step of the trip. Granted, she loves planning, but I HATE planning, to the point where I wanted this to be a three day trip, in and out. Now I’m out in the world adventuring like Carl Fredrickson in UP. Thankfully unlike Carl, I have a wife to come home to, and no indiginous birds following me. So far…