I’ve had some good ideas in my life, and some bad ones. Most recently, a VERY bad one.

Years ago, I discovered the Tough Guy race held in the UK every winter. It was amazing to imagine such a thing existed, eight country miles of what the organizers call “the worlds safest most dangerous taste of mental physical pain endurance toughest events.” (I’m… not totally sure who their copywriters are. They might want to look into getting another one). At the time, the reality of actually getting to do it was out of reach for me. I was pushing 240 lbs, which is not a healthy weight on my five foot seven-ish frame.

Good and bad ideas came and went over the next few years, and I have shed a little weight, but at 215 lbs now, and an adult life spent mostly sitting on my butt, it’s still a pretty unrealistic undertaking.

I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway.

In exchange for donations of $35 or more, I am offering to do a portrait of you, or whomever you like. In this economy, I like the idea that you will be getting something for being such generous people, so head to that page to learn the details. Additionally:

– I’ll be broadcasting my work in progress of each portrait as often as possible on my Ustream page.
– You can also subscribe to, and view status updates of my training progress in my Youtube page.
– You can follow me on Twitter, if tweeting is your thing.
-I will post completed portraits on my Flickr page (Unless you would rather me not post yours, just let me know).

If you can’t contribute, that is totally fine, and I certainly won’t hold it against you, but what you can do that would be just as helpful is to tell your friends about the work I’m doing here. If you use Stumble, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, what have you, use it to spread the word. Every little bit of help I can get in comitting to my WORST IDEA EVER is really appreciated.